André Castel

/ André Victor Geuer Castel /
[ Noun ]


  • 3D Artist. Currently working with video games.
  • Brazilian / Dutch, 32 years old
  • Living in Warwickshire, UK



  • A set of pieces of creative work intended to demonstrate a person's ability.
  • These are the highlights of my portfolio; the latest or the ones I’m most proud of.

Capt. R Doyle

Hans Friedrich

M. Lynch Pro Football

Against All Odds



  • An individual or collaborative enterprise that is carefully planned to achieve a particular aim.
  • Some of the games I have worked on.

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Marshawn Lynch Pro Football

[Full Fat]

Modelling and texturing high quality characters, as well as setting them up in Unity. Preparing and rendering in Marmoset Toolbag assets for marketing.

Blocky Cops

[Full Fat]

Modelled and textured all the characters.

Marshawn Lynch Blocky Football

[Full Fat]

I modelled and textured some of the characters and environments.

Facility 47

[Inertia Software]

Modelled and textured most of the assets, built the 3D pre rendered scenes, videos (cut scenes and marketing).

Just Escape

[Inertia Software]

I modelled the scenes and some assets. Did some programming as well (ActionScript / Haxe).

Darkmoor Manor

[Inertia Software]

Responsible for most of the assets, 3D pre rendered scenes and videos.



  • The ability to do something well; expertise.
  • Character Creation
  • High and Low poly modelling
  • Texturing
  • Game props/assets
  • Humanoid and complex rigging
  • Animals/Creatures rigging
  • Basic coding
    (C#, Maxscript, Javascript, Python, Lua)
  • Basic Animation
  • Drawing
  • Watercolor



  • A thing used to help perform a job.
  • Softwares I am most comfortable using.
  • I’m never afraid of learning a new one.



  • Blog posts with more details about a project.
  • Things that wouldn’t fit in other categories.


Wolverine Disney Infinity FanArt made for 3D printing as a personal project.


Stylized character based on Jason Kraft’s concept. Everything done in Zbrush, including render.


This is a place where I will be gathering my drawings, sketches and things that might not be a perfect fit for my portfolio.

Art studies

Some of my work while studying at the Open College of the Arts (distance learning) for a painting degree.

Unity Level Design Tools

I’ve talked before about working on a prototype in Unity and now we’re finally getting back at working on it, I can’t give much details right now, but I only wanted to show some of the tools I’ve been developing for it.

Spacious – Game

I’m trying to develop my own games (for fun and experience) so I decided to participate on One Game a Month and for the month of January I worked on this little game using Unity 4.3 new 2D tools.

Dia de Carlinhos

Short movie produced on behalf of “Casa Hope” (a brazilian institution that helps children in cancer treatment) by my friend Alex Simões where I modelled and rigged the main character called “Carlinhos”.

Making of Cowboy

This is a project I had started working to improve my portfolio and try some techniques, so I want to show a little bit of the creation process and what I learned with him.

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